Retreats & Workshops

Jack Harrison Retreats

I teach retreats several times a year either in Ireland and abroad, sometimes by myself but often with other teachers I love and respect.

Though we can choose to go deeply into our practices on these retreats, we can also decide to continue our normal contacts with others in terms of fun and social life in the context of our yoga.

Workshops can be over a day or a weekend workshops and give us the opportunity to integrate yoga postures, breathing and music with our everyday lives.

Both retreats and workshops include physical yoga postures, breathing practices, song, music, good food and often sunshine.

Retreats and Workshops

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Tours & Concerts

jack harrison tours and concerts

As well as teaching yoga classes, workshops and retreats, I often do regular concerts of yoga music integrated with Irish music and inspiration from the Celtic School of Yoga.

The numbers of musicians at these concerts can range from just myself up to about 15 people—singers and instrumentalists–and have been very popular. We recently did a very lively concert at the home if the President of Ireland for International Yoga Day.

Upcoming Events

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Teacher Training

jack harrison teaching

If you would like to learn how to teach in the style of the Celtic School of Yoga, we will be running Teacher Training courses beginning in 2017.

These courses will be suitable for new teachers or for people who already teach in other traditions and would like to include elements of the Celtic School of Yoga in their classes.

Teacher Training

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jack harrison | man and the sun

I have been lecturing for about 25 years at the National University of Ireland Galway on the subject of Heritage studies. With the development of the Celtic School of Yoga, I now use the skills I have gained as a university lecturer to enable me to speak to groups about the principles of the Celtic School and how they intersect with the yoga tradition of India and other countries.

Speaking Events

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