The Celtic School of Yoga

The Vision or Aisling of the Celtic School of Yoga is a calling back, a singing-in, a homecoming, to our highest State of Being through the practices of breath, song, story, poetry, yoga, movement and stillness. This is all in kinship with soul friends and a deep rapport with the Rhythm of the natural world.


The purpose of all the practices, stories and ideas shared through the Celtic School of Yoga immersions and teacher training is to empower and encourage you in your personal yoga practice, to trust your inner wisdom, and to connect to the natural world and the Rhythms that run through everything.


All are to awaken to and embody the Mystery of Life.

Jack and Benita, both globally recognized yoga educators, have a combined 50+ years experience practicing and teaching yoga all over the world. They have been teaching yoga retreats, workshops and immersion teacher trainings for many years, are both Certified Anusara Teachers and share a similar Anusara yoga and Astanga background.


Their events are presented through the lens of the Aisling (Vision) of the Celtic School of Yoga infused with Anusara alignment practice.

Jack has worked as a folklorist, musician and yoga teacher for the last 30 years and has integrated these paths together in the Celtic School of Yoga. He is a principal author of a seminal book on the parallels between yoga and the Celtic world and he has recorded three acclaimed albums of yoga music.


His teachings and practice explore how it is to ally movement of the body with breath, focus, mythology, poetry, music and the natural world—and the astonishing fact of being alive.

Benita is as an internationally renowned Anusara yoga teacher-trainer who emphasizes joy, therapeutic alignment and balanced action in her classes.


The embodiment of her Celtic ancestry, life experience and her playful passion for yoga inspire in her students a revelatory transformation attuned to the Rhythm of the Sky, Earth and Soul. Benita has three grown sons and five grandchildren.

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